Wireless Networking for Other Devices Wireless capable devices such as Xboxes, iPhones, etc. may also be connected to the wireless network. For devices OTHER THAN LAPTOPS, visit our wireless device setup page to begin (login required):

Residence Hall Port Activation To activate the network ports in the following Residence Halls (Cayuga, Commons I, Commons II, Oneida), visit our Activate Port page to begin (login required):

Wireless Networking for Laptops The following instructions will demonstrate how to connect your wireless laptop to the Morrisville State College wireless network:

Internet Connection Sharing You can share your laptop's wireless connection with devices that do not have a built-in wireless adapter (like an Xbox 360 without the external wireless adapter). The following instructions will help you enable Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Vista and walk you through connecting an Xbox 360:

Additional Information Additional computing help may be found online at the following websites: